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Episode #301: ”If You See Discovery Comin’…Warn-A-Brother!”

September 14th, 2022

"The Godfather" Nate Milton & "The Professor" Kris Ealy are back to begin the inexorable march towards their next 300 episodes!

This month, The Kings are joined by Friend Of The Program Brent Chittenden ("True North Nerds") to discuss the biggest stories i from the NFL, the NBA, & the WWE. Then the guys break down the latest MCU news, before turning their attention to the recent turmoil over at Warner Brothers-Discovery-HBOMAX-(Insert Dysfunctional Corporation Here)!

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Episode #300: Ain’t Nothin’ Changed!

August 26th, 2022

On the 300th episode of The Kings Of Sport Podcast, "The Godfather" Nate Milton, "The Professor" Kris Ealy, and "special guest co-host" Marcus Vanderberg welcome several friends of the program back to chat about the past, present, & future of the show!

They discuss their favorite guests, their hottest takes, their most remembered bits, and the craziest stories in the program's 9-year history.  PLUS, they get feedback from some of the show's most dedicated supporters, and Nate gives an update on the status of the podcast going forward.

All that & more on a milestone edition of "The World's Most Dangerous Sports Show"!

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Episode #299: Bengals, Rams, Dolphins…And The GOAT!

March 20th, 2022

Back in time for BHM, "The Godfather" Nate Milton is joined by Kris Ealy (The NWA Podcast) and Rich Fann (PWTorch) for a conversation about SuperBowl LVI, Brian Flores' issues with the NFL, and a crazy 2 weeks for AEW revolving around Keith Lee and The GOAT, Cody "Devante" Rhodes!

Episode #298: Cranberries & Crypto

November 25th, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving, KOS-Nation...We Back!

Brother Nate is joined by "The Professor" Kris Ealy for a wide-ranging conversation on the NBA, the latest pro-wrestling news (including a deep-dive on AEW's signing of Jay Lethal), & a general assortment of melanated musings!

Episode #297: ”Peace Be Unto You, Earl…”

September 10th, 2021

This week, Brother Nate is joined by "The Professor" Kris Ealy to recap AEW's All Out PPV (aka "Tony Khan's White Boy Summer")!

The guys talk about the lack of diversity in pro-wrestling (and what can be done to fix it), preview the NFL season, and pay homage to a late friend.

#RIP Leon

Episode #296: Cool For The Summer (The Chain Reaction)

August 30th, 2021

This week, "The Godfather" Nate Milton is joined by an all-star panel of pro-wrestling pundits to break down the major events that went down over SummerSlam weekend (including CM Punk's classic comeback)!

Episode #295: Big Meaty Men Slappin’ Meat!

July 24th, 2021

Welcome to the soft-reboot of The Kings Of Sport AKA "The In-Between Times"!

Nate kicks off the program by addressing the departure of Brother Marcus before welcoming some special guests on to discuss the NBA Finals, the wild weekend that was in the world of pro-wrestling...And of course, "The Trial Of Faye Jackson"!

#NBAFinals #MilwaukeesBest
#ProWrestling #WWE #AEW #Impact

Episode #294: You’re A Hall-Of-Famer In My Book

July 17th, 2021

Welcome to a very special edition of "The World's Most Dangerous Sports Show", as Marcus Vanderberg makes his final appearance on the podcast (for now)!

The Kings dive into the week's major topics (NBA Finals, MLB ASG, Pro-Wrestling goes back on the road), before bringing on some special guests who want to wish Marcus well in his future endeavors!


Episode 293: A Change G’on Come…

July 9th, 2021

The Kings are back for an impromptu episode of the show.

Marcus & Nate hop on the mics to talk about an impending change that will (Tony Khan Voice) "alter the state of the podcast forever"!!!

Episode 292: 2021 NBA Finals Preview with SP3

July 6th, 2021

Marcus and Nate discuss the Sha'Carri Richardson suspension and the NCAA's new NIL rule before turning their attention to the hardwood. YouTuber/podcast extraordinaire Sid (AKA "SP3") stops by to help the guys recap the conference finals, preview the Suns-Bucks series and speak on a number of current NBA topics. Plus, the Kings take plenty of "spirited" feedback from the live chat. 

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